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Get Your Vanity URL for Google Plus

August 24, 2012

Vanity URLs became the talk of the town when Website Facebook launched them. And why shouldn’t it be? It provides you with a better optimization of your wholesale nfl jerseys brand. At the moment, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a few others cheap jerseys provide with the vanity URLs to the members and pages on their domain. That might be the reason why these networking sites come in the search results for the brand and hence it becomes a need to get your social media optimized.

It took Google quite a while to figure this out. They have started providing with the custom URLs cheap nfl jerseys but there is a twist in this as well. Check out the terms of use for these custom URLs.

Don’t worry, there are other ways by which you can get your custom Google Plus URL for your brand or your Viktorovna profile. The following services are di not affiliated with Google but they will get you your desired custom URLs.

1. (Get a custom URL like

2. (Get a custom URL like

3. (Get a 4-5 custom URL like Starting

4. (Get a custom URL EXILIM like

These custom URLs will prove fruitful for you in the search engine optimization (SEO) of your brand. Although, these are not Google affiliates you can 9 use these custom URLs on pages where you want to link your Google page or profile. Another add-on advantage is, you need not remember your not-so-good-to-memorize Google Plus URL. All you need to do is, just remember any of these hosts and add a custom name after you add a “/”.

Chetan Vengurlekar


Mathias on August 6, 2013 AT 06 am

Quickest way to get a url for Plus.

Randell on August 7, 2013 AT 09 am

I just got all the vanity URLs for my Google Plus profile. Do you think there will be problem? If so, how do I delete all of them?

    Chetan Vengurlekar on August 7, 2013 AT 11 pm

    There is no need to worry, Randell. Even we got our vanity URL with all of these sites.
    Let me explain how this process works: First, you specify your Google Plus profile ID and the custom URL you need on the particular site. Then the site makes a redirect path for your profile using the custom URL you chose.
    So what happens exactly is when someone clicks on a link, or, the traffic goes to the respective site and then the website redirects it to the specified Google Plus page.
    Hope that answers your question.

Cherie on August 7, 2013 AT 07 pm

You did a great job compiling this data with images and links. But do you really think that Google Plus is worth for social media marketing? Because I can’t find any of my friends there. Did Google pay you to market on their behalf? (just kidding!)

    Chetan Vengurlekar on August 10, 2013 AT 05 pm

    Hahaha, Google did not pay me for this write up. (Although, I wish they did!)
    Well, Google Plus is an upcoming contender to big social networking sites. We will certainly see changes over the next few months. Although your friends are not using Google Plus but your prospective customers might. So Google Plus can’t be ignored in social media marketing and used as a tool like any other platform.

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