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22 Sep

Create Viral Content With These 5 Simple Tips

Everyone wants to create viral content these days. Everyone wants to be famous or a digital influencer with hundreds of thousands of followers. That is what viral marketing is...

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02 Sep

WordPress P2: Things You Should Know

  Slack and Microsoft Team have a new killer completion: WordPress P2. This new team collaboration service called P2 is introduced recently by WordPress using a system that is...

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24 Aug

45 Free High Quality Stock Photos Websites for Designers and Theme Developers

If you’re a website designer or ThemeForest WordPress theme developer you’ve most likely had to go on a hunt for high quality stock photos websites. If you’re creating a...

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14 Aug

Google Virtual Visiting Card – How To Create Your People Card

Google has launched a brand new search feature, Google Virtual Visiting Card, in India which allows users to create a virtual visiting card. With this new feature; influencers, entrepreneurs,...

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14 Sep

Automattic Acquires Tumblr

Everyone’s favorite blogging platform, Tumblr, is yet again, getting a new owner. Verizon Media had announced the sale of Tumblr to Automattic in August 2019. Tumblr was sold to...

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26 May

E-Commerce Growth and WooCommerce Acquisition

2014 went down as the year of e-commerce, firing the aspiration of the Indian youth and middle class while this year will be even more promising both for the...

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30 Dec

Facebook Features For 2015

Facebook has been the number one choice for marketers for the past couple of years. And Facebook has never disappointed their users or marketers with the features they launch...

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12 Dec

Free WordPress Plugin – Snow My WP

There are literally thousands of free WordPress plugins in the WordPress Plugin Repository. Some of them, like WooCommerce or BuddyPress are so capable that a single plugin can make...

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