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29 Apr

Starting an Online Business

Due to the .com boom and the internet catching up in every part of the world, the world is just a click away. Starting a new business online or taking up your existing offline business online can be a real tiresome job for a newbie with lack of experience. With the help of Sarvi Solutions you can take any business online. So how can this be achieved? Let me walk you through the steps on how you can set up your online business.


Prep-work before going online

Before you start with your online business, there are some things which you should take into consideration. As you will be on internet, you need to get familiarized with some internet jargon. First of all, you need a domain for your online business. Recruter A domain is a web page address which is entered into your browser (Firefox, Chrome, etc.) to go on a particular website. A website domain looks like: “”. Once you book a domain from a domain registering company, you need to get a web host which will host your website. The web host stores your files in a cheap nfl jerseys secure location in on a server which can be edited only with your admin password.

Choosing your domain name

This is a very simple and complex thing at the same cheap jerseys time. Simple because you can choose the name of your business as your domain name. For eg.: My business name is Sarvi Solutions, so I chose But prior to choosing the domain name, I did a simple research on a few search engines (google, yahoo, bing, ask). I checked if any of these search engines showed results for “Sarvi Solutions”. None of them matched my exact query. So, this was the best name for my business as this would reflect when anyone searched for my business using my business name.

Web Host

Choosing a web host is an important task while making a website. A reliable web hosting company should be chosen as your data is important and it should be protected. Check for the disk space allotted in the plan. You will get various plans at various rates but be sure to check for the disk space. The bandwidth is also an important factor as bandwidth is the amount of activity on your site so the more visitors you have, the more bandwidth you need. Many packages provide unlimited bandwidth, but 2 GB should be more than enough to start. Only make sure that you can upgrade the plan if needed. Vanity e-mails are the need of time. Most of wholesale jerseys China the web hosting companies provide with at least one email for your domain. If your business is big and you want to direct your customers and sort the queries at a faster rate, individual emails for each department is recommended. The above mentioned are the technicalities to check for. Other things to check for in a web host are; the customer support, back-ups per month, software provided, statistical data for your website, etc.

Designing your website

May it be your first website or your first web presence, designing a website is a serious affair. Although Secret some web hosts provide with free website builder tool, this can mean restriction to your imagination. This can be helpful for people with no or little HTML knowledge. This can be considered good for only few days because once your business get online you do not want to give a novice image of your company to your prospective clients and your competitors. My advice would be to get a professional to build your website. An expert will build your website according to your specification with the appropriate and SEO rich web content. Free web hosting services are a strict no-no.

Last but not the least, PROMOTION

The day your website goes live is surely an exciting and an accomplishing day for you. You have made a spot for your business in the tinseltown of internet. Carving your spot on the internet is not that difficult but the promotion might take your extra time. While promoting your business online, you should have some basic knowledge about search engine optimization (SEO). Why is SEO important for business? Well, this has already been answered earlier. If your clients or customers search for you using your business name, you should be easily spotted on any search engine. If you are not found on the search engines then making a website will gain you no goods. We recommend expert advice and consultation for your online promotions.

Once all these criterion are accomplished, no one can make you lag in the race against your competitors.

Chetan Vengurlekar

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  1. Garland

    April 29, 2012


    Outstanding post! However , I was wondering if you could write a little more on this subject? I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit more online marketing as I’m new to online business and would benefit from your extensive knowledge. Many thanks!

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