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27 Nov

Create Your Own Website Within Minutes

Usually people say that creating a website is very easy and hassle free and agencies charge a fortune to develop them. Well, this blog post is dedicated to the ones who want to create your own website and decrease the cost of your website project.

Create Your Own Website Within Minutes

Lets get started!

To create your own website, first you will need a domain name and some hosting space where you will host your website. As a beginner myself a while ago, I started out with GoDaddy as it is very simplified and easy to use. But as I knew more about the industry, BigRock and Hostgator are not behind in the race. So you should compare the products with these companies as well.

Step 1: Booking a domain

To create your own website the first thing you will need, is a domain. You can register a domain from the following popular registrars as they have a good support team.

Step 2: Buy Web Space

Secondly, to create your own website you will need some web space. To begin with, buy a shared hosting server. This is very easy to use and very cheap as compare to virtual private servers and dedicated hosting. You can book your web space from the same registrar as your domain or buy from the cheapest of the three mentioned below:

Step 3: Choosing a Content Management System (CMS) Software

A content management system or a CMS will accelerate the process to create your own website. Well, this becomes the skeleton of your website and gives you a back-end from where you can manage the pages of your front-end. For beginners, WordPress will be the simplest yet the most powerful CMS software. You can download the latest version of WordPress from this link. WordPress can also be installed directly from your domain and hosting registrar with a single click. All you need to do is go to the dashboard and under applications select WordPress. Your copy of WordPress will be installed on your domain.

Step 4: Choosing and Applying a Theme

When you install WordPress you will be shown a default theme with a sample page and a single blog post. So technically you create your own website, but as a demo. This is to give you a fair view of how the website will look in WordPress’s default theme. But you do have an option to change the theme, if you like. You can go to your Appearance section in the Dashboard and get a free theme from the WordPress Theme Repository with a single click. If you want a responsive theme for your website which will be compatible on all the internet devices, you can check this link. Optionally you can buy premium themes from ThemeForest. Once downloaded, you can install the theme by going into Appearance > Theme > Add New > Upload and then upload the zipped file. Once successfully uploaded, the theme will be available in your Appearance settings. You can toggle themes from your Appearance settings any time you want.

Was that difficult? I hope not! If you find difficulty in any of the process mentioned above, just drop me a comment below. Also, let me know if you successfully create your own website.

Important links for your reference to create your own website:

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