Tech News

30 Dec

Facebook Features For 2015

Facebook has been the number one choice for marketers for the past couple of years. And Facebook has never disappointed their users or marketers with the features they launch every year. The upcoming year has a lot of promising new Facebook features for the marketers which will help them to analyze the data, more in-depth… Read More
12 Dec

Free WordPress Plugin – Snow My WP

There are literally thousands of free WordPress plugins in the WordPress Plugin Repository. Some of them, like WooCommerce or BuddyPress are so capable that a single plugin can make an entire site whereas others add value to your site. One of the plugins which we created in the free WordPress plugin category is Snow My… Read More
27 Nov

Create Your Own Website Within Minutes

Usually people say that creating a website is very easy and hassle free and agencies charge a fortune to develop them. Well, this blog post is dedicated to the ones who want to create your own website and decrease the cost of your website project. Create Your Own Website Within Minutes Lets get started! To… Read More
06 Nov

30+ Awesome Google Tricks

Google Tricks for all: The majority of internet users visit every day for their search queries. But most of us are still unaware of the amazing things we can do with Google. Here are some Google Tricks to dazzle you. These tricks will not only amaze you but also help you in your day… Read More
29 Oct

30+ Best Free Responsive WordPress Themes 2014

A theme is the most important part of the WordPress website development project. The front end of your business depends on the theme you give to your website. If this theme is non-responsive, you may have to develop multiple themes for individual devices. But thanks to HTML5 that we can create responsive themes for WordPress… Read More
23 Sep

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization has been around the corner since the emergence of search engines. It was truly celebrated in the beginning but as days passed by, people have forgotten the role of search engine optimization. When someone starts anew on the internet, it is very important to know the dos and the don'ts. Below mentioned… Read More
23 May

WhatsApp Marketing – Marketing on WhatsApp!

WhatsApp marketing is not a "thing" yet. But since the acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook, WhatsApp has made some serious news. I’ve been a WhatsApp user since the initial days as it was a very good alternative to the paid messaging service. But this 19 billion dollar acquisition made me realize the potential of WhatsApp… Read More
08 Apr

Dedicated WordPress Hosting or Virtual Private Servers

WordPress Hosting can be quite tricky if you are unaware of which server to opt for. There are various platforms that support blogs. When it comes to blogging, the only platform that comes to mind is WordPress. What makes WordPress distinct than its counterparts is that it is relatively user friendly. When it comes to… Read More
17 Jan

StumbleUpon Marketing Strategies

StumbleUpon Marketing has its advanced ways of promoting a website. It gives you quick results than other social networking websites like Face book or Twitter. When it comes to promotion, Stumble Upon is better option to use. StumbleUpon Marketing is very effective in gathering immense traffic to your content. There is stumble button available in… Read More
26 Oct

LinkedIn Marketing To Overpower Your Competitors

LinkedIn marketing can be a very powerful tool and can also be a sales platform, if you are aware of its usage, efficiently. Almost every professional across the globe is listed on this professional networking site. Today, almost every HR manager checks the LinkedIn profile of their candidate before hiring them in their company. Similarly,… Read More