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02 Sep

WordPress P2: Things You Should Know

WordPress P2
Image by Kevin Phillips from Pixabay


Slack and Microsoft Team have a new killer completion: WordPress P2. This new team collaboration service called P2 is introduced recently by WordPress using a system that is very similar in design to a regular WordPress blog.

Users can embed audios, videos, and images in their posts as in a WordPress post. The users can use blocks to do things such as create polls, embed forms, or share PDFs. Other users can comment on posts made in a P2, using the now conventional @ sign to mention other team members by name and bring them into the discussion. Tagging posts with hashtags (#) can filter things according to their relevance on the topic.

Matt wrote in the latest blog,

P2 organizes all your files, projects, and conversations on one screen, so your team can collaborate from anywhere. It’s perfect for remote teams, digital nomads, extended families — anyone who doesn’t like email or meetings (i.e., everyone).

P2 is the internal communication tool used by Automattic (which owns WordPress) employees. Automattic is a perfect example of how a digital nomad would work in the fast growing digital world. With over 1,200 employees spread around the globe, they don’t have a central office and relies on tools such as P2 for team communications.

There is still no chat feature in WordPress P2 which is available with the competitors. Some of the other things you can and can’t do with WordPress P2 are:

  • You can create as many P2 you want. Each P2 comes with 3GB of storage space for images and files.
  • You can import your data from these sources.
  • You can not use a custom domain today but you can in the future.
  • P2 is a completely ad-free experience and seems like it will stay that way.
  • P2 doesn’t own your data, nor do Automattic (or will they ever) sell it to others to use for advertising. Proving the above point.
  • P2 comes with it’s own API and developers can take a look at the developer reference docs for more information.

We tried to make a WordPress P2 for Sarvi Solutions and you can get a step by step pictorial walk-through below:

  • Go to and fill in your details.

WordPress P2


  • Once you choose an appropriate name for your P2, log in with your detailsWordPress P2


  • The auto generated page, will be something like below:

WordPress P2


  • Let’s try to upload a header for the pageWordPress P2


  • The header looks nice and the P2 looks great with it’s first postWordPress P2


  • The entire look and feel is the same as WordPress and we got an achievement for posting our first post on the WorsPress P2WordPress P2


Our team at Sarvi Solutions will be testing out the WordPress P2 for more. In the meanwhile, follow this link to get your hands on the latest WordPress P2. Do comment below to let us know what you think about it.

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