On Page Optimization

While doing search engine optimization, there are two things to keep in mind:

  1. On page optimization
  2. Off page optimization

In this post, we will talk about on page optimization.

Your SEO starts while planning your business. The name of your business should be unique and easy for the common people to understand. Because this will help you to select an optimized domain name for your website.


Search engine optimization is important but your content is what keeps your customers frequent your blog. The content should be unique and rich in SEO. Search engines differentiate you from the rest only if you write unique content. The traffic on your website can read your content but the search engine crawlers read your programming code. Hence HTML based meta tags are used to tell the crawlers more about the content on your webpage.


This means indexing the pages as per the search engine rules and helping the crawlers a faster access to your content. This can be achieved by using meta tags like description, keywords, robots, etc.

  • Meta robots: This tag will be of your help if you want your website not to be indexed in search engines.
  • Meta description: This tag helps you to get your description in search engines while your search is being shown in the results.
  • Meta keywords: These words or set of words help search engines to index your content according to your page content.

Chetan Vengurlekar

  • Bettie
    July 23, 2013

    I’m quite aware with Off Page Optimization, but I was not sure about on page optimization. Thanks for this resourceful article. I knew that meta tags were important but was not aware of which ones. Also, I find your article incomplete. Seems like an abrupt ending. Anyways, keep writing!


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