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08 Apr

Dedicated WordPress Hosting or Virtual Private Servers

WordPress Hosting can be quite tricky if you are unaware of which server to opt for. There are various platforms that support blogs. When it comes to blogging, the only platform that comes to mind is WordPress. What makes WordPress distinct than its counterparts is that it is relatively user friendly. When it comes to wordpress hosting wordpress offers two types of platforms to its users namely and When a user is in the process of creating his website, his site is hosted by who in turn assigns a subdomain for the same. One of the biggest perk for a user who host his website under is that it is free. But if you go for, you have to compromise with some of most important features of wordpress. In access to some features are limited. For instance, it does not allow users to use plugins. If you have applications that are plug in consumers then will not do a great job for you. Though, it comes with some limitations but on the other hand offers comprises good features, like it supports advertisements. This might in a way good to earn revenue, but for a blogger this can pose a hindrance when it comes to visual connect, as the user will find random ads displaying on his blog, on which he has no control.

Dedicated WordPress Hosting or Virtual Private Servers

Another option of wordpress hosting is If you choose, then you would not get your website hosting done, you have to search any other source who can host your website. Out of a huge number of host available, it is very difficult to choose any one of them to act as a host for your website. To have a error free hosting it is essential to research over features and compatibility criteria of a host. There are a number of web hosting firm which provide best virtual private server are, Bluehost, Go Daddy, DreamHost and WP Engine. These hosting firms are compatible with wordpress and provide expert shared hosting. If you use then your hosting package should be supported by PHP and MySQL. Benefit of having is that it is available with full access to wordpress for its users where they can customize it in their own ways. Here users are free to install their own program in Hosting your website under, user get a domain name for example ‘’. but here in users need to register their own domain name for their website. Users have full access here in that they are free to modify their blogs, themes according to their requirements or they can write codes to mange html. Choosing is a bit costly, since you have to get your own source to host your website also you have to register your own domain name for your website. This full package of wordpress hosting cost around 99 $ per year. This might be a concern for a new user, who is on a stringent budget and not very net savvy too. Users choose hosting according to their business requirements. If they are running light and programs and do not expect loads of web traffic then they need to use VPS WordPress Hosting. VPS have their own slices that have reserved RAM and CPU which have good disk capacity and bandwidth. A hosting package can divide their server into many virtual servers that are instances of each other. Benefit of having a partitioned number of VPS is that it automatically adjusts your performance when your website gains popularity and experience web traffic. It is very quick to add another virtual server when needed. Another benefit of using VPS is, it protects the database of your website from data loss and sudden server crashes, hence keeping the users database safe. It is beneficial for your website to have a VPS server in your web hosting package. VPS can be customize to the users needs and is very user friendly which helps in reducing the cost. Hence the user needs to pay only for those resources or services which he would need. Hence resulting in cost cutting. It gives you full radical access over your server. The user can control their VPS by codes that are written and programmed for the server. There are various features which are equipped on your web panel by VPS which helps the user to access it remotely and reboot it. It makes VPS better than any hosting. Now a question arises, are virtual servers better than dedicated servers? Users often get confused between virtual server and dedicated server when it comes to choosing between both. A Virtual Server can incorporate any other server account, it means VPS can have its multiple instances for different server host but dedicated server as its name reflects is dedicated to only one client for which it has been registered. Dedicated server is for only one website it can not be partitioned in order to create multiple servers. Benefit of using Dedicated Servers is that its resources and powers can not be used by other users. If a system is using Virtual Private server hosting then all the system’s power, resources and bandwidth is shared with other websites too. And in case of dedicated server the resources and bandwidth of the system will remain intact for only one website or system. Dedicated server is available with advanced features for websites. It is limitation of Virtual Private Server that it does not enable advanced features to clients or customers. Using Virtual server for multiple website may cause problems like experiencing overload because it is shared by many website so when web traffic gets increased it shows overload error. But dedicated server is flawless it will not give you errors like this ever because it’s resources are used for only one website hence minimizing overload issues. A Virtual Server is an excellent tool for small scale business in order to make clientage and get online promotion because it can incorporate in many websites with its partitioned server, hence increasing chances for a business website of getting great online promotion whereas dedicated server has its immense capabilities of providing services to a business. Industries or large scale businesses use dedicated server to use full resources for a single site and also to avail advanced features and services. If you compare between costing for both servers then it is found that VPS is much cheaper than a dedicated server. And as far as availability of resources and powers are concerned, Dedicated Server is much capable of providing full features and powers for applications and programs but on the other hand Virtual Private Server is available with limited services. Every website is created in order to expand business or to get maximum online exposure, but along with Virtual Private Server, it is a bit risky to think about expanding or to get to an advanced level because it does not have enough resources to feed with in order to get upgradation. Ultimately users have to go for Dedicated Server if they are thinking for a long run. Here, Dedicated Server is much capable to run your website continuously at required speed in comparison with Virtual Server because. That is why it is bit costly than a Virtual Private Server. If you are expecting huge web traffic then dedicated server will do it for you to run your website without having any problem of getting overload. There are many hosting firms like DreamHost, Bluehost that can provide best dedicated server hosting and these firms are also able to provide best dedicated hosting space for beginners. Promotion of website and sales depend upon the selection of host for website. To provide with the best SEO it is required to select best hosting firm for your website. When selecting host for your web site some features should be kept in mind like speed, and databse security. Some of the best web site host are mentioned below- DreamHost Using DreamHost to host your website WordPress can be installed with a single click, There is no need to ask for updates aur get updates manually, there is an option of auto updates to get updates automatically whenever any update is available, DreamHost has been proved a place for thousands of satisfied bloggers which is available for first use as trial, Multiple domain registration can be done with DreamHost. It is available with unlimited disk capacity, bandwidth, MySQL databases, and email addresses. It is very convenient and user friendly to install various plug ins for your programs and applications. Bluehost It also installs WordPress by one Click, Users get updations in approximately 24 hours, It is available with unlimited disk capacity. With Bluehost unlimited data can be transferred monthly. It provides 50 MySQL databases and free control panel. Bluehost is very good when it comes to domain hosting, it host unlimited doamins on 1 account, there is no need to create different accounts for different domains and one free domain name with user’s account. Bluehost is best when it comes to providing best service, it is available with 24/7 network support. Chetan Vengurlekar

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